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Supporting Programs that Make Sense

Changing lives through expanded equine services.

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Please join us in Supporting Programs that Make Sense

We are asking you to support REINS this giving season through our Supporting Programs that Make Sense campaign. Equine Assisted Services use all the senses to make connections that make a difference in the lives of those we serve and their families. We would like you to consider how our six senses (Yes we added the sense of movement as that is an unique and important piece that sets equine apart from other programs and makes them so effective.) combined with REINS four programs are making a difference in the lives of people from age 4 to 93.

SIGHT - Hunter utilizes his sense of sight at REINS by making excellent observations, watching to ensure he and his horse are moving in a safe direction, and reading Equine Assisted Learning class components.`

HEARING - William loves listening to music during adaptive riding classes. Being able to sync the rhythm of the music with the horse greatly supports an increase in focus and attention!

SMELL- The smells of the barn are not appealing to all, but the unique scents can enhance memories and connection for people living with memory loss. Dan and others involved in Connecting in the Moment take in all the barn smells.

TASTE- Maribel and her daughter enjoyed watching the horses taste all of the yummy treats that they made together through the Connecting in the Moment program such as apple kabobs, horse ice cream cones, and cookies.

TOUCH- Gavin seeks sensory input via the sense of touch. He loves the feel of the horseand playing many of the Adaptive Riding games such as basketball, ring toss, and splashing rubber ducks in the ‘pond!’

MOVEMENT- Andy experiences a unique movement and feeling of freedom while participating in Adaptive Riding. The movement of the horse not only provides excellent personal benefits, it assists in flexibility and strength as well.

These examples and so many more remind us why the services we provide are important. They also remind us of the great things that happen when we work together. They pull us together as family to make a difference.

Please join in on this celebration of all the life changing services that REINS has provided thanks to the generosity of new and continuing donors like you. You make this program possible, and you are a vital component of its continued success. Please join us in Supporting Programs that Make Sense.

Won't you consider making a difference with your donation today. Thank you.