Riding classes needed to change the life of special child.

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Reaching therapy goals one hoofbeat at a time.

Meet Emily - Emily has been riding with REINS for since 2013. Each year she reaches new therapy goals and shares her enthusiasm with everyone she meets.

Emily rides in a class with 3 other students. She has a bond with her horse, her care team of three volunteers, her instructor and importantly with the other students. Watching her class come to the banquet stage together to receive their awards was magical. Each supported the others and celebrated the victories and progress they had made toward their therapy goals. Emily shared something at this years's banquet saying "THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!" She wanted us to know that her friend was going to enrolling in the 2018 therapy season at REINS. That is important.

Help us fund a new class for Emily's friend and three other new riders who have been referred to us for therapy. Donate Today - THANK YOU!

From Emily's Family:

In any activity that Emily is a part of she is always different from the other children in that she needs one-on-one assistance. At Girl Scouts, I must be there with her at all times. In church, a teenager is always there to help her. At school, she needs a one-on-one aide at all times. While Emily enjoys all of these activities, I don't think she's given the same sense of belonging as she does with REINS. At REINS, Emily is like everyone else. Everyone needs assistance, and that is ok. Emily is able to form a bond with her horse, and her horse loves her unconditionally. The activities at REINS are specially designed for Emily's needs so that she can work on her balance, attention, sensory, and social skills. REINS has also given Emily tremendous self-confidence and joy. This is the one activity that she has all for her own. No longer is she left behind the group, but she is able to participate in a physical activity that not only strengthens her muscles, but her heart as well.

Our family has loved being a part of REINS, and we feel so fortunate to have REINS in our life. We look forward to seeing Emily grow in the program, and we hope that many more individuals can benefit from all that REINS has to offer.


Peter and Kristin Peterson

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